Health. Community. Impact.


We desire to influence and help others accomplish their goals of a healthy lifestyle through cycling and sports that are complimentary to it and we will always challenge ourselves and our teammates to be better; earning respect through our behavior on and off the bike, while adhering to the adage that you help yourself by helping others!

ThresholdSports began through the desire to create a riding group that had shared goals and values. The founders wanted a group that truly gave back to the members and promoted health through the sport of cycling. Family and friends were soon included to strengthen the support system for members at each of the events. ThresholdSports has since evolved to include the entire community in our promotion of health and wellness.

Today ThresholdSports has evolved into an organization that still holds true to the original founders' vision. We now manage and sponsor road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross, and triathlon clubs, in addition to our involvement with local events that promote health, wellness, and safety.

Through ThresholdGives, the club members and event participants have an opportunity to give back to their designated charitable organization, fulfilling our mission to help others.

meet our founders

Joel Rackham

Founder, Sponsorship Director

Austin Scott


Clinton Mortley


Darin Jensen

Event Director

Nate Tippets

Director IT, Board Member

Jeff Jones

Event Director, Board Member

Justin Bingham

Club Director

Kaytie Scott

Women's Sports Director, Board Member

Love. Live. Give.

ThresholdGives is a non-profit organization designed to promote and support cycling, triathlon, running, and health events that raise awareness while raising funds for charitable causes. We simplify the process for event organizers by supporting their event and providing one contact for all of their charitable donations from participants.

supported clubs

A.J. "Cutie Pie" Turner

A.J. is from Des Moines, Iowa and has made an immediate positive impact on the team with his great attitude and solid team performance. As a Crit specialist from the mid-West United States, he is quickly strengthening his climbing abilities to ensure he continues to be a factor at the NRC level races. With his “skies out, thighs out” attitude, he is never shy to roll-up his bib shorts and jersey sleeves and put in the miles when the sun is shining.

Top Career Highlights:

Clint Mortley

Clint Mortley is a fun loving powerhouse from Albuquerque NM. In 2011 when he first entered into competitive cycling as a CAT3, Clint won the Pro/1/2/3 category of one of Utah’s premier road races, LOTOJA Classic. He rode 206 miles over several mountain passes wearing some cut off jeans and a department store jersey to take the win. (The cutoffs may be an exaggeration, but the win is not.) He has come along way since 2011, and in 2013 returned to win the same race as a CAT1. He continues to develop as a force within the peloton, with many local race wins. With his positive attitude, GSD motto, and ability to push hundreds of watts for an extended period of time, he is an invaluable asset to the team as they start to mix it up at the NRC races in the Western United States.

Top Career Highlights:

Darren Goff

Darren Goff is from Pleasant View, UT. Darren is an Elite Masters racer with many local successes, while still having strong performances in large NRC races. He started competitive cycling slightly later in life, but has proved to be an invaluable asset to the team. Darren has a full-time job, wife and kids, and still finds time to compete against some of the top professional cyclist in the nation. His ability to balance life alongside racing and training is truly admirable. He is a calm and collected rider that knows how to play his cards right, this allows him to find his way to many podiums.

Top Career Highlights:

Hunter Huffman

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Leon Bergant

Leon is from Slovenia, and is an Elite Master’s racer. As a former Slovenian National Champion and winner of World Cup – Austria he brings a wealth of racing knowledge from the highest levels of the sport. He retired from cycling for nearly a decade while he established his family and a career as a commercial pilot. When he returned to the sport, his success was inevitable. As a relatively unknown rider he set the course record for LOTOJA Classic, the United States longest one-day sanctioned races at 206 miles. He continued to have many great wins throughout the next two seasons and became the Top Elite (Pro/CAT1/2) rider in the state of Utah for 2013 – based on UCA points’ series. Naturally his Google search score increased quickly, due to many local cyclists researching why this unknown rider was crushing many hometown heroes in Utah races. Leon is truly a treasured resource to the team because of the knowledge and support he can bring to the younger riders on the team.

Top Career Highlights:

Manny Cypers

Manny is from Ogden, Utah. He is an Elite Masters racer, who made the transition to cycling from triathlon. As a multiple time qualifier for the Ironman World Championships, he leveraged his fitness and drive to become a competitive force in cycling. He is a family man who balances the racing lifestyle with home and work responsibilities. Manny was a key component in the formation of the LiVe Well Elite Development Team, and continues to plan most of the race logistics for the development squad.

Top Career Highlights:

Ricky Bangerter

Ricky is born and raised in the Kaysville area, eventually deciding to buy his first road bike in 2010. Ricky gained the trust of his teammates by being one of the most enthusiastic bike racers you will ever meet. Always willing to do what it takes for the team to have success, it’s a pleasure to ride alongside him in the peloton as your teammate.

Career Highlights:

Gilbert Ducournua

Gilbert is a talented young cyclist from Venezuela. He has raced the past couple seasons for the powerhouse Fort Lewis College cycling team who currently has the #1 ranked collegiate cycling program in the United States. He represented the team at Nationals several times. In addition, was selected for and represented his national team, Gobercion Monagas.

Alister Ratcliff

Alister is an extraordinarily talented and hard working cyclist from Newtown, CT. He attended Fort Lewis College, home of the top ranked cycling program, where in 2011 won the Collegiate Road Race and Omnium National Championships. In that same season he tallied 5 wins; including, the overall at the Tour of the Catskills. In 2012 Alister crossed the pond where he raced as a domestique for Garmin Chipotle, one of the top development teams in the world. After his debut season in Europe, he continued to ride for a Belgium Continental pro team, Team3M. During this time he gained vast racing and life experiences.

Top Career Highlights:

Bryce Olsen

Bryce is a Utah native who resided in the Netherlands for 2 years where the cycling scene was imprinted upon him. It was also during this time his heart fell in love with cyclocross racing. Although naturally skilled for a cross race, Bryce also thrives on the road scene. This year he started out with a bang, winning several races outright and moving up to the Pro/1/2 field. His calm attitude brings a good ambiance to the team during races. Bryce is known for a guy that loves to see his team win and is willing to blow up his own legs to ensure that happens.

Career Highlights:

Branson Yantes

Branson is a dedicated student athlete who has progressed rapidly through the categories of USA cycling. Proving to win races in every category he has been a part of. Most recently upgrading to the Pro 1,2 races he won his first ever criterium he took part in. Soon, he will have earned enough upgrade points for his Category 1 upgrade and partake in NRC level races with the team in 2015.

Career Highlights: